Rob Gronkowski Cameo At White House press briefing

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I found this pretty funny. A voice appears “Sean, need any help?” and we see a smirk-smiling Rob Gronkowski show up from behind the backdrop. The New England Patriots tight-end decided to make an appearance at this press briefing, jokingly offering aid to Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer’s love of The Patriots is well known and well documented. He replied “I think I got this but thank you. Maybe. All airght, see you in a minute.”

Spicer lit up, very surprised, and almost star struck. His genuine gleefulness put a smile on my face. Spicer tried to compose himself and return to reporters’ questions. “All right, heh, that was cool … How do you follow that?” he said.

The Patriots were at The White House to be honored for their Super Bowl Victory. Guess they hears Spicer was a fan.


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