Dufresne Found Not Guilty In Teacher-Student Sex Case

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Shelly Dufresne, former Destrehan English teacher, has been found not guilty of carnal knowledge of a juvenile on Wednesday. She faced up-to 10 years in prison for the charge. After the trial the mother of the teen boy was found in tears while Dufresne hugged her lawyers, friends, and supporters.

Judge Taylor stated “absent any physical or cell phone evidence, the credibility of the witness is importer. She further stated that the case was an unusual one in that it was based on hearsay of one other person who the judge did not find to be a credible witness. The D.A. Disagreed with the judge’s decision…

“We disagree with Judge Taylor’s decision,” said the statement from Paul Connick Jr. “We believe that our prosecution team proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Mrs. Dufresne committed the crime of carnal knowledge of a juvenile for her sexual involvement with this teenager at locations in Jefferson Parish.”

The defendant, Dufresne, had previously pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of obscenity,

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