O’Keefe Confronts WI A.G. Over Credibility Claims

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James O’Keefe takes on the Attorney General of Wisconsin’s report on Project Veritas Action’s investigation on the Democracy partners during the 2016 election. It seems that the Attorney General hadn’t watched the raw video that was requested and he instead attempted to attack the credibility of PVA.

“You remember our video on Scott Foval and democracy partners back in October? Scott Foval, there pictured, he was talking about inciting violence at Trump rallies. He was also talking about busing people across state lines sometimes using fake IDs and buses and rental cars to vote illegally.”

“So after we released that video we got contacted by the Wisconsin Attorney General. Requested the tapes and our attorney sent the Attorney General all the tapes. That happened back in October 31st 2016. So this week the Attorney General finally releases their report on our videos and it looks like they didn’t even watch the raw material that we sent them.”

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