ANGRY Women Destroy McDonald’s After Finding Out That Breakfast Was DONE

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People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for some women that is especially true. When two women visited their local McDonald’s to order their Egg McMuffin they were denied since breakfast was done for the day. However, instead of the ladies sauntering off to another eatery they went into a rage where they destroyed the McDonald’s and it was all caught on video.

Here is more from TapHaps:

When you see the footage, which was reportedly captured at a Philadelphia location, according to Daily Mail, you’ll wonder how these women manage to handle real-life disappointments if this is the kind of hissy fit that comes from being denied a hash brown or two.

In the clip, one man decided to speak up, telling the women to take a chill pill since the employees were only doing their jobs. After all, they were just following the rules. Unfortunately for the man, this brought the wrath of the breakfastless women down upon him as the two commenced in a full-on attack against him, taking their frustration out on the guy personally. With the man now their target, the women unleashed a vicious physical assault.

The ravenous, raging duo completely destroyed the McDonald’s during their assault, even throwing chairs at the man, and the shocking footage went viral as viewers were left jaw-dropped to see how some adults choose to behave when they don’t get their way.

Although the man was able to stop the chairs before they struck him, one of the women was able to deliver quite the blow to his head, using what appears to be the handle of a broom. The strike resulted in the broomstick shattering into several pieces. All of this because “breakfast ends at 10:30.”

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