The Jumbled And Abusive Mess Known As ‘March For Our Lives’ [Video]

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‘March for our lives’: The unbelievably incoherent mess and the people feeding on it

We have all watched as major media outlets, like CNN, have fueled the flames and fed off of the hurt like vampires. The children want change, that’s clear, but does anyone have a clue what that ‘change’ is supposed to be? No, because no one has made a single proposal of ‘change’ that didn’t involve stripping the earth of all guns. No real coherent plan.

Then there is this matter where, again, the children who oppose this ‘ban on guns’ are being snuffed out by the same mainstream media. In the most recent case, Patrick Petty, brother to one of the slain children, spoke out on Twitter. His message? ‘Stop using my sister’. This whole thing has been tough to watch unfold. More so, because the mainstream is just using the poor kids.

As Written By Rick Moran With PJ Media:

As I watched news clips from today’s nationwide “March for our Lives,” I asked myself a simple question that no one in the overwrought news media was asking:

What do they want?

“We want change” was chanted and a lot of dire warnings to the NRA, to politicians supported by them, and Second Amendment supporters (yeah, that damn Constitution) were issued. But something tangible that the nation could rally around to effect “change”? Not so much.

“Gun control” is a misnomer. Believing that any kind of gun control would have saved a single life at Parkland or any other school shooting is ludicrous. This particular brand of American violence is not manufactured from the barrel of a gun but made in the troubled and diseased minds of individual youths. And to take a tragedy and make political hay out of it — while using traumatized children to sell a political viewpoint? It doesn’t get much lower than that.

With no specific agenda, no message except the pain and anguish of losing friends and loved ones, and no chance that any of the dozen or so legislative proposals currently in the congressional hopper will stop a single school shooting, I ask, again, a logical, reasonable question about why these gatherings are anything more than political sideshows designed to evoke an emotional response in the public in service to a left-wing political agenda…

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