Major Democratic Player Gives Shocking Statement About Gun Control

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Doug Jones, US Senator and Democrat, doesn’t seem like the type that would go against his comrades narrative but affiliations, I guess, can be deceiving.

While there seems to be no distinction for semi-automatic vs full automatic weapons for liberals, Mr. Jones may have missed that memo.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Via the Free Beacon, if the Parkland-led anti-gun push is about more than partisan politics, Senator Jones here should be at the top of the list of targets for a pressure campaign. He’s from a red southern state, sure. So what? This is about “saving lives.” Can’t expect Republicans to start bending on gun regulations until all Senate Democrats have come aboard. Even if Republicans don’t bend, a baseline goal for gun-grabbers should be making the Democratic Party as uniformly hostile to gun rights as it is uniformly supportive of abortion.

If Doug Jones doesn’t see the evil in assault weapons, well, I guess Doug Jones’s Senate career will need to come to an end.

If that is, this is about more than partisan politics. If it isn’t, then, of course, you’re going to give Jones a pass on opposing an assault weapons ban. He’s from Alabama. He needs to be reelected.

Jones has actually been savvy in his gun-control messaging over the past week, I think, especially for a newbie. How do you split the baby between a red-state constituency that’s expecting you to vote one way and a national blue constituency that’s expecting you to vote another? Answer: You support the least controversial anti-gun measures and stay away from anything near the third rail. That means yes to universal …..

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