Coulter SLAMS Trump Hater on His Own Show!

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Ann Coulter is probably one of the smartest political pundits in the biz. Her book, Adios America, she discusses illegal immigration and how it’s shaping our nation’s political arena.

Recently she spoke with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos, who as you can guess is entirely anti-Trump and pro-illegal immigration.

“The first thing when a tub is overflowing, you turn off the water then you decide are we gonna use a mop are we gonna use rags are gonna use a blow dryer.”

Of course if you’ve ever watched anything Ann-related, you know she’s pretty quick witted and not one to take it lying down!

Among many controversial issues surrounding Coulter most prominent lately has been her banning of speaking at U.C. Berkeley. While it’s still a topic of discussion most recently left-leaners are trying to label it as “protection from hate speech” in some ill-attempt to justify their twisting of our Amendments.

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