TOP THIS, UNITED! Delta Pilot SMACKS Female Passenger

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Not one to disappear into the shadows, Delta has apparently upped the ante on bad-flier-experiences when a pilot decided to smack a passenger at the Atlanta airport. And in this day and age, of course it was caught on video.

The plane had just landed and passengers were preparing to leave the jet-way when two women started fighting, we’ll see if we can discover why. The pilot appears and tries to separate the two women, then grabs one of them by the arm and hits her. The pilot walks away… as the women are still on the ground.

We’re told a Delta employee gave a supervisor the video almost immediately after the incident and quite a few employees were upset because security wasn’t actually called. Delta is currently investigating the matter and taking it “very seriously”.

With all these airline issues I’m reminded of the Twisted Sister song “We’re not going to take it”… seriously, it plays repeat in my head now-a-days.

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