BREAKING! CNN Producer Details The “Automatic Bias” Against Conservative Voices

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NEW #AmericanPravda VIDEO: #CNN Producer admits that opposing viewpoints about transgender issues are not given a “fair shake,” saying that conservatives have “an automatic bias presented against them.”

“Where we fail are covering the stories of the people who think differently, people who don’t want to have transgender surgery paid for in their state, who don’t want transgender bathroom…,” states Bonifield in the undercover video by Project Veritas.

“I think CNN, to some degree, does a poor job reaching out to find those voices and giving them a fair crack at the whip… What usually happens is they ask them really pointed questions, really demeaning, interrogrative kind of exchanges.”

“These aren’t racists, these aren’t people that are beating people, these are people who have a view of the world that’s just different than a lot of journalists. and journalists approach them with a certain level of bias.”

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