Militant Leftists Plan July 2nd Anti-Trump Riots

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The Militant left apparently have plans for July 2nd of this year and it seems that they are not going down without a fight.

ANTIFA has worked tirelessly to make it seem as if majority support is on their side while trying to FORCE the rest of the nation into their ideology… funny for loose-based group of people who call themselves Anti-Fascism, right?

They’ve worked hard to undermine a fairly elected President solely due to the fact that he is not Clinton or Sanders while, at the same time, trying to seem legitimate in their actions. Like I’ve said before… we’ll eventually have to meet this militant action in-kind.

Now, these people are planning a massive “demonstration”, which as we’re all aware ends up with folks hurt or dead because these leftist-loonies cannot help themselves, all to try and push for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Trump, who is barely out of his first 100 days and literally has done nothing to negatively affect their lives. Given their obvious attraction to violence, expect these “protests” to get violent.

One example of many is the Berkeley Bike Lock Attacker… smashed someone in the head with a pretty large u-lock meant for a bike.


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