General Jack Keane Gives STELLAR Statement on the President’s Overseas Trip

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General Jack Keane went on the record saying POTUS Trump’s landmark visit to the Middle East seems to have had the effect of creating an Arab-baed NATO to combat terrorism! Trump is meeting with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, King Hamad of Bahrain, President El-Sisi of Egypt and several other Mideast leaders.

Keane believes Trump is “revitalizing” our relationship with Saudi Arabia and many other friendly Arab nations, seeing a sort of “change” from being abandoned by former President Obama.

“The Sunni Arabs feel largely abandoned by the Obama administration,” he said, noting that Obama instead worked with Shiite-majority Iran.

“We can’t just shoot our way out of this problem,” Keane said. “They need U.S. leadership… we are a unifying effort here.”


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