T.V. Reporter Fired After Encounter With Law Enforcement Goes Online

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PHL 17 reporter Colleen Campbell has been fired after she was arrested by police outside the Helium Comedy Club for assaulting a police officer, and the exchange was caught on video then posted by social media by comedian Wil Sylvince.

The 28-year-old reporter was simply asked to leave the venue after being warned multiple times to stop disrupting a show that featured Craig Robinson. She was “loud whispering” during the performance then allegedly got into a fight with the staff of the club.

Campbell was then filmed telling police “you guys are f—ing dictators… you f—ing c—k suckers” outside of the venue. She then added, “I did not do s—t, I stood there and laughed like the rest of the audience like I should. I did not disrupt anybody.”

The officer, who remained calm, told Campbell and her male guest to walk away. This only enraged Campbell. She was then caught calling the officer a “f—ing piece of s—t” and attempting to spit on the face of a man standing nearby.

“What’s that called? What’s that called? Assault? Show me videotape,” she said after being handcuffed. “You can’t. That’s why everybody hates you guys! You can’t prove it!”


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