Jon Ossoff’s Got An Uphill Battle Coming

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The Georgia Special election for the 6th district is making national headlines. It’s being viewed by many as a way to show Trump’s influence on the Nation and how it’s effectively being utilized. We saw a lot of people running for the 6th but the winner appeared to be Jon Ossoff, who ran a very hefty campaign with early numbers showing around $90/vote spent.

Well, Ossoff fell short of the required 50% of the vote and now there will be a run off come June. He garnered 48.1% of the vote so you might as yourself “what’s there for him to worry about?” well, the GOP vote was majorly split between quite a few popular republican runners. In fact the top 4 GOP runners combined roughly garnered 48.21%, and the GOP is notoriously loyal once a single candidate is chosen.

The other Democratic runners combined don’t have 1% of the vote. So… come June, don’t expect to see the 6th district turn blue.

In short, if the GOP of the 6th district can stay together it will remain RED. Total the democrats, as if right now, don’t even have enough voters for 50%.

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