Watch Bill Maher’s EPIC Smack Down Against Mainstream Media

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I don’t always agree with Maher but once in a while a gem like this comes out of him that’s too good not to share. While a pretty staunch liberal he has shown times where he does, in fact, have a mind of his own.

And I can somewhat respect him for that. And he never really seems to be one of those whiny, do nothing just complain, liberals that we all know and hate.

He’s not changing my mind on NOTHING but I can respect him just a little more… especially for going against the mainstream media narratives.

As Written and Reported By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

So, this was a bit of a shocking remark by Bill Maher. The HBO host of the show Real Time, which usually bashes conservatives, tore into the news media for totally overblowing the Russia collusion story, while adding that Trump supporters might have a point when they decry fake news; a lot of it is, indeed, fake. He noted how various outlets went apoplectic over a simple, harmless photo featuring the cast of Red Sparrow. Actress Jennifer Lawrence was not wearing a coat, while her male co-stars were, thus setting off the great “this photo says everything about gender inequality” tirade, except that it doesn’t.

Maher listed other faux outrages, like people being upset that Justin Timberlake projected Prince on a screen during the Super Bowl halftime show, or Olympic snowboarder Shaun White dragging the U.S. flag after he won the gold medal. No, no one cared, said Maher, adding, comically, that it’s the same three people on Twitter making hay out of nothing and journalists reporting as if this is the issue that’s facing America.

Maher added that he could tweet Good Morning and there will always be some people on Twitter who would find that offensive.

“Good in your privileged world, Bill Maher,” he joked…..

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