Man Fakes Being Sick, Charged With Wire Fraud

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A man in Atlanta, Georgia, wanted to get out of working so badly that he decided to use the coronavirus pandemic to his benefit. It has been reported that he lied to his employer about testing positive for COVID-19 and sent in a fake medical excuse letter.

According to prosecutors, Santwon Antonio Davis left work back in March when he said his mother was exposed to the virus, he the falsely claimed he had been tested for the deadly virus and results came back positive.

Davis’ determination to not go to work backfired when he took it a step further and submitted a falsified letter to his Fortune 500 company, which ended up sending a red flag to the feds.

The medical excuse letter was quickly determined a fake by the feds. The letter did not include any test results not did it specifically say he had been treated for or even diagnosed with COVID-19. When the feds launched an investigation they discovered he was making it all up.

Prosecutors say Davis finally admitted to making it all up and he never contracted the virus. In fact, there are no records of him ever even being tested for COVID-19.

He was then charged with wire fraud which if convicted could hold a maximum sentence of 20 years.

In the end this ploy to play hooky from work was pretty costly for everyone involved. The feds say it cost the company at least $100,000 to properly sanitize the entire workplace and quarantine all of the other employees. I’m guessing it cost Davis his job as well. Now he doesn’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse to get out of work.

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