A Former Obama Admin Crony Has Made An Absolutely Mind Numbing Suggestion…

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Democrats just won’t give up their obsession with COVID. Most Americans have almost forgotten about the pandemic and the government’s terrible response. Almost. But for some Democrats, COVID still remains an important issue they can exploit for power–I mean, a dangerous threat to public health!

In fact, one of Obama’s former officials went on MSNBC to talk about this bygone disease. Citing pretty weak data, he talked about the upcoming “terrifying” school year. And, you won’t believe what he said we should do. No, you really won’t stand for this.

From The Post Millennial:

MSNBC medical contributor and former Obama official Dr. Kavita Patel encouraged people during a Tuesday interview to start masking up again…

“A mask can be your best friend. Back in time, we had it in the back of our coats and pockets and backpacks. Time to bring them out again, and especially as the school season starts. We don’t want to see kids missing school for things we could have prevented.”

Unbelievable. The left really must think we are mindless sheep, huh? Obama’s former flunky, Kavita Patel, said that COVID hospitalizations are going up. Except, he was forced to admit that the numbers are nowhere near where they were even last year.

Despite this, he decided to deal out some fearmongering, suggesting that masks will be needed as we enter the Fall school season. He claimed a mask “can be your best friend.”

We told you they were never going back to the pre-COVID world. Now, whenever someone has the sniffles, Democrats in government will be rushing to masks, lockdowns, and mandates.

This is not about COVID. This is about the D.C. swamp wanting to tell you how to live your life.

Masks have become a symbol of fear, mind control, and government oppression for millions of Americans. It was a sign that we were willing to jettison our freedoms and personal decision-making, just to feel “safe.”

Democrats don’t seem to realize this. In fact, they appear to want us to live in fear. It’s much easier to control us that way.

Well, if Patel really thinks we are going back to masks… he’s dreaming.


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