Portland Police Aren’t Taking Antifa’s Crap Anymore

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Finally, the area known as CHAZ or the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is being dismantled by the city. However, there are still some people who are refusing to give up the fight.

The resistance from these few people has led to a number of shooting in the area. One of which has resulted in the death of a man and the injury of a 14-year-old from gunshot wounds.

Several 911 calls came into the Seattle police to say that gunshots could be heard near 12th Avenue between Pike and Pine Streets just after three in the morning. People driving through the area reports to having had their vehicle fired upon. There were two individuals in the vehicle which crashed into concrete barriers placed at the edge of the protest zone.

According to the Seattle Police Department, several other people called in to report about shots fired into a white Jeep Cherokee. The driver, a black male, died from his injuries and a 14-year-old boy was hospitalized and is being treated for gunshot wounds.

Cheif Best of the Seattle Police Department said on Monday morning, ” We are not sure who shot at the ca or why they shot at the car. Detectives are searching social media, hoping someone has information and will come forward.”

“The typical things we search for in a case like this, in a shooting like this, weren’t there,” the Cheif added about the science around the vehicle. “It is abundantly clear to our detective es that people had been in and out of the car after the shooting. Detectives are trying to get in information from witnesses, but as has been the car in other crime scenes up in this area, people are not being cooperative with our requests for help.”

So when protests began to form in Portland once again, the police force in the area decided they were not going to put up with this crap and fought them off as the rioters tried to barricade the Central Precinct.

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