He Shot Someone Trying To Rob His Store, And Now He’s Being Charged With Murder…

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An employee at a Family Dollar store in Texas opened fire on a would-be shoplifter, striking him multiple times and killing him. Now, the employee will be facing murder charges for saving the store.

Antonio Batres, 21, is now facing a murder charge for shooting the 49-year-old Troy Odom in the back after a “physical altercation” at the Houston Family Dollar on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m., according to Houston police.

The victim was attempting to steal goods from the discount store when he was confronted by a group of employees, including Batres, cops said in a statement. Batres and the alleged thief then got entangled in a fight and a melee ensued.

“Further investigation determined the victim had his back toward Batres, who then pulled out a pistol and shot the victim several times,” the release stated.

Troy Odom

In a video taken by a customer, two store employees are seen confronting Odom – one of the men can be heard screaming unintelligibly. Bottles of motor oil are scattered on the ground.

“He had all that in his pants,” says the woman who is filming the video. “He had a lot of fuel.”

“He needs to chill out,” the woman says as the shoplifter leaves the store.

The two employees follow Odom out of the store. It’s not entirely clear at this moment whether or not Odom brought any stolen merchandise with him when he exited the store – or if he left the stuff back in the Family Dollar.

You can see Batres aim, take a wide stance, and shoot. Odom falls out of sight and can be heard when six shots are heard.

“Further investigation revealed the victim had his back to Batres, who then pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at the victim,” a Houston Police Department press release reads.

Antonio Batres

From AWM:

Houston police are now targeting Batres for what he did to Odom. They still cannot confirm whether or not Batres (above) owned his gun legally. Odom’s family is begging the police to work faster so justice can be rendered for him.

After the shooting, Odom was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

His brother, Darrell Odom, spoke to Daily Mail about his brother’s murder.

“I am so p***** right now,” he said on Tuesday. “I can’t stop crying. I couldn’t go to the funeral… I failed him because I promised my mom I would watch over him… I only hope she forgives me. I hope [Batres] gets the death penalty. I am also looking to sue Family Dollar because my [little] brother didn’t have to die that way.”

Darrell Odom confirmed that his brother “was a good man,” although he did have “his struggles in life.”.

Odom was then taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. He has not been identified.

Batres was booked on Tuesday and was being held in Harris County Jail with a bond set at $75,000, jail records show. He faces a murder charge for what he did.

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Source: AWM

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