This Man Was Forced To Leave The Happiest Place On Earth For The Most Ridiculous Reason

From the very moment that the world began to understand the scope of the coronavirus pandemic, (no thanks to the erroneous information coming out of China), there were fears as to how authorities might use the emergency to impede on freedoms of Americans.

This is a common fear here in the United States, as we are one of the only nations in the world to experience the sort of freedom that we experience.

When it came to the virus, many were concerned that we would soon be subject to COVID-19 passports, forced inoculations, and universal basic income – all of which are seen by some as control mechanisms.

The latest from Disney World has many wondering if this has all gone too far?

A Louisiana man who booked a $15,000 vacation to Disney World was arrested by law enforcement officials when he refused a mandatory temperature check at the entrance to the Orlando theme park.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released bodycam footage last week of the February 13 incident involving Kelly Sills, 47, of Baton Rouge.

Sills pleaded not guilty to the charge of trespassing, the Orlando Sentinel reported. He is scheduled to appear in a Central Florida court on Monday.

After the situation escalated, Sills then offered to go back to the temperature check station. Police weren’t having it.

He then offered to go back to the screening tent to get his temperature check, but by that point, it was too late.

‘Will you take my temperature before you kick me out, please?’ he asked as he was led away in handcuffs.

‘They’ll do that in jail, sir,’ a deputy was heard saying in the video.

‘Well, that’s good,’ Sills said.

The happiest place on earth? Not that day.

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