The National Parks Service Just Won April Fool's Day

After the year we’ve had, what with a pandemic and all, it was understandable that April Fool’s Day 2021 was a bit subdued. Corporations likely felt as though they needed to push the envelope as it pertains to “reality”, considering just how convinced we’ve all been that the world was ending over the course of the last 13 months.

But still, there were some out there in the social media world who were all too ready to celebrate the often-jovial holiday, including the National Park Service, who enlisted the help of several paranormal enthusiasts to pull off the prank of the year.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, a number of national parks turned to the paranormal in an attempt to pull a fast one on their social media followers. Perhaps the most impressive joke this year came by way of Zion National Park which shared a photo (seen above) that, upon first glance, appears to show a Sasquatch visiting the site’s picturesque Watchman Trail. “Though typically known to inhabit North America’s Pacific Northwest region, Bigfoot, like many visitors, has chosen Zion as her destination for recreation,” the park wrote on Facebook before, as is custom, revealing that the photo was a hoax.

Zion National Park was not the only location to enlist Bigfoot in Thursday’s tomfoolery as Whiskeytown National Recreation Area posted a typically hard-to-decipher image which they claimed was a “close-up photo of Bigfoot” purportedly “captured by one of our former employee’s wildlife cameras recently.” Showing some serious commitment to the bit, they went on to say that “scientists are struggling to come up with an answer for how this unique species has moved into the park from locations west” and detailed a number of theories for the odd turn of events until ultimately unleashing the all-too-familiar April Fool’s punchline.

Alternatively, the Bureau of Land Management tweeted a photo in which the subject appears to be trying to summon UFO’s to their location using a flashlight.

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