Biden Pushes Social Distancing By Doing The Worst Thing Possible

President Biden got within inches of some poor unfortunate soul's face to push him to practice social distancing while promoting the country's vaccine progress.

Videos of the event show the president indicating his face mask, leaning in really close to a spectator seated near him, and urged them to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's coronavirus safety guidelines.

"Keep wearing a mask, wash the hands, and socially distance – which I’m not doing," he jokes, queuing laughter from a group of people off-camera.

After visiting a clinic in Alexandria, Virginia, Biden addressed the country's vaccination push from the State Dining Room.

The president said that over 554,000 Americans have died from the virus and is begging the public to continue practicing the CDC's recommended health guidelines while vaccine distribution continues to pick up speed.

"What we do now," the president continued, "we're going to determine how many people we'll save or lose in the month of April and May and June, before we get to July 4."

He claims the "vast majority of Americans" will have received their first vaccine shot by the end of May.

"Better times are ahead," he added. "As I said before, we can have a safe happy Fourth of July with your family and friends in small groups in your backyard."

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