Fox News Guest Destroys Dems’ Race-Baiting On Obamacare

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Lawrence Jones of BlazeTV went on Fox News to give his two cents about Obamacare and Wanda Sykes stating that “repealing Obamacare is racist”, saying that Obamacare actually failed the black community.

“Well, I just think it’s quite comical that the liberals are so concerned about black America when they have failed my community for years, especially when it comes to healthcare, especially when it comes to jobs,” Jones said on “Fox & Friends” Saturday morning. “I think it’s important to note, Abby, that that 30 hour rule in Obamacare affected my community harshly. A lot of us weren’t able to get jobs and couldn’t get the necessary hours because of that 30-hour rule. I think it’s really comical that the liberals are all of sudden concerned about black America.”

“I would note that I feel like it’s racist of the Democratic party to continue to request for our vote, to continue to get 95 percent of our vote and do nothing for our community. I think it’s insulting that they brought race into the conversation. without even doing anything for our community. so, I just think this is just a constant tactic to shut people down but we’re here to talk about the facts today which is Obamacare is failing,” Jones added. “It failed my community, and it’s about time Democrats start acknowledging this.”


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