Texas Serial Bomber Compared To The Unabomber

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With a now fifth explosion under his belt, the serial bomber out of Texas is being compared to Ted Kaczynski, The Unabomber, a serial bomber who operated over two decades ago and lasted for over 17 years until he was caught and arrested in 1996.

The bombings started on March 2nd, 2018 and thus far have no signs of stopping. Though unlike all over previous bombings which were left on doorsteps, the March 18th bomb was placed near a hiking trail and set off using a tripwire made from a fishing line.

Of all bombings so far, two people have died and four others have been injured.

The serial bomber is showing signs of improving his technique, showing new signs of sophistication in his methods of madness.

“This person is displaying a histrionic personality,” Jim Kenney, a former FBI profiler and special agent, said to Fox News. “This person is intelligent, focused and manipulative. A player. A catch-me-if-you-can type.”

As reported by Fox News:

Randall Rogan, a Wake Forest University professor who is an expert on forensic linguistic analysis and worked with the FBI on the Unabomber case, says that as time passes it’s likely the person or people behind the explosions will seek more than just the thrill of the crimes themselves. Rogan says the perpetrator will desire more recognition, something that could drive them to make contact with police or release some sort of communique or manifesto. He said the new complexity of the fourth bombing might suggest it is a test for something even bigger.

“This is an increase and expansion of sophistication and most likely a trial run for something to come in the future,” Rogan said.

On March 19, authorities in Austin made a public plea with whomever is behind the blasts, and the city’s police chief, Brian Manley, promised to listen to the bomber and attempt to understand the person’s motive.

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