FINALLY! Democrats Care About the Constitution!

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POTUS Trump seems to have opponents around every corner these days and those ideological opponents have created a challenge for him since his well before his election, this according to Dr. J Michael Waller. He has taught on all this before, subversion, propaganda, and information warfare and says that no other president has had their first 100-days in office essentially “stolen” from them. No other has had their predecessor actually organize private funds to undermine the new president before.

Waller says these forces against Trump appear illegitimate. He names militant, alt-left, extremists and the mainstream Democrats who are creating a client of “fear, suspicion, and hatred”.

Waller says, “This is the first time you have ever had left-wingers protesting Kremlin subversion of American politics and actually caring about the Constitution.”

According to Waller, “George Soros is the number one private sponsor of subversion against the United States,” with the Chinese, Saudis and the Russians as the predominant state sponsors of subversion. Soros funds a full range of groups that seek to bring down America, including Black Lives Matter, which promotes murderous violence against police officers, drug legalization, and open border policies that threaten self-government and national security.

Democrats Finally Care About The Constitution, But Only If It Can Undermine Trump [VIDEO]


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