ISIS Fighters Failing BIG TIME

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ISIS continues to lose ground even after 7 grueling months of urban warfare to the U.S. backed Iraqi coalition forces and facing a diminishing hold on physical territories in Iraq and Syria…

With this, ISIS has ramped up it’s cyber campaign with propaganda videos spreading all over the globe.

As written for The Daily Caller by Richie McGinniss:

Given the inherent evil of ISIS and their fantastical campaign for a global Islamic caliphate, I believe it is my American duty to do everything within my power to stamp out this scourge once and for all.

Cue Episode 1 of “ISIS Fails,” a new Daily Caller series dedicated to demonstrating what incompetence on the battlefield really looks like. Watch as these jihadis fail to achieve their goal of killing infidels while simultaneously killing themselves in the process.


And for all you wanna-be ISIS fighters out there, you better not sleep because Mattis is coming for ya:


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