Wanda Sykes Loses Her Ever Loving Mind Over Obamacare Repeal

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So wacko-liberal-nonsense-whatever-who? Wanda Sykes appeared on The View and INSISTED that the reason the GOP wants to repeal Obamacare is because of “racism”.

“They’re just trying to erase anything that President Obama did. I bet you they want to act like that man never existed.”

“Why do you think that is?” asked Joy Behar.

“It’s racism,” Sykes insisted. “That’s it! They hate having a black president and they want to get rid of it. That’s what it is.”

Behar reminded Sykes that wasn’t the only reason. “Well, I think it’s also they hated his policies. Because they’ve been dying to put everything back to the states and make the government smaller and make money for the very rich, and he didn’t do that. I think it’s a lot about that too.”

Wanda Sykes: Repealing Obamacare Is Racist Because Obama’s Black [VIDEO]


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