Even Those At NATIONAL SECURITY Have No Idea What Biden’s Plan Is

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National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan admitted that no one in the Biden Administration has any clue as to what will happen in Afghanistan once The last American troop has left. This means they are simply going to pull out soldiers and don’t have a plan after the fact. This is exactly what Obama did when he withdrew from Iraq which led to ISIS invading the northern portion of the country.

Sullivan reiterated that Biden will not send any more troops to Afghanistan and that the administration wants to focus on more pressing threats.

“The terrorist threat has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, it’s not just about Afghanistan anymore,” Sullivan explained. “Al-Qaeda is in Yemen, ISIS is in Syria and Iraq, Al-Qaeda is in Somalia and Syria and many other places.”

America has been in Afghanistan for over 20 years and it’s time to leave however Biden doesn’t seem to have a problem keeping troops in Syria.

Biden has not commented on how long the 900 troops in Syria will remain in the area and they don’t seem to have a plan either.

From Military.com:

What Biden is going to do “is the one question I got from everybody,” Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie Jr., the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, said in an interview after visiting eastern Syria on Friday. “I think the new administration is going to look at this, and then we’re going to get guidance.”

Robert Ford, who was an ambassador to Syria during the Obama administration, called the U.S. strategy “deeply flawed” and said Biden should withdraw the remaining troops who have helped the Syrian Democratic Forces — a Kurdish-led militia — carve out a semiautonomous enclave in the country’s northeast.

The real question is does Biden even remember that there are troops in Syria?




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