Chuck Woorley BLASTS No Accountability for Anything Hollywood Says or Does

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Iconic Game Show Host Chuck Woolery says that Hollywood seems to never be held accountable for the violent rhetoric thrown at President Donald Trump.

He finds ironic that people seemed “outraged” when Jack Posobiec, a conservative activist, and Laura Loomer were cited when they disturbed The New York City Public Theater’s modern version of Julius Caesar which depicts Trump being assassinated.

“One person stands up that supposed to be [a] conservative Republican and everyone’s outraged,” he said.

“Alec Baldwin said what Kathy Griffin did was perfectly fine,” Woolery said.

“They can do things that we as conservatives cannot do,” he said.

“They’re speaking to people who are not in their right mind,” he said.

Woolery also pointed to actor Mickey Rourke, who threatened to bash Trump “with a Louisville slugger,” calling him a “big-mouthed b***h bully” and inviting him to meet in a hotel room alone.


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