White House Insider Tells ALL On North Korea Situation

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Michael Anton, National security council spokesman, appeared on Fox and Friends and the topic… President Trump meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

According to Anton, South Korea’s national security advisor has come to the U.S. after he met with Kim just days before, to personally deliver the offer for a meet between Trump and Kim.

He went on to credit Trump’s sanction moves as exactly what’s triggered Kim to make this move.

“Cavalier threats to start a war are dangerous and short-sighted,” the former secretary of state stated. “I am worried about some of the recent actions from the new administration that seem to raise tensions. Our allies are now expressing concerns about America’s credibility and reliability. And by the way, picking fights with Kim Jong Un just puts a smile on his face.”

The NSC spokesman laughed it off saying “to me, personally, it brings me back to the 1980s and the days of the Cold War and Jane Kirkpatrick’s famous phrase the San Francisco Democrats, a reference to the 1984 Democratic Convention always blaming America First.”

“I think it’s extraordinary to hear a former secretary of state talk about the United States engaging in provocations during the year of 2017 when the North Koreans tested over one dozen long-range missiles, fired missiles over Japan,” he continued.

“Threatened U.S. allies. Test you had nuclear devices and engaged in an extraordinary campaign of provocation that this administration and our allies and partners had no choice but to respond to.”

This will be yet another move that will show that Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and how to handle “big bad” dictators like the Potato.

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