Team Obama May Be In Deep After This Latest Reveal From an Ex-Aide

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Whoa: Ex-Obama Aide and life-long Democrat Proves the Invasive advantage Democrats Have Using Your Facebook Accounts

Carol Davidsen didn’t just expose Facebook for its misuse of your accounts (and friends) but she revealed the unfair advantage the Democratic party has on Facebook using that invasive data. What’s even more surprising is that if you look at her Twitter account she hasn’t stopped blowing that whistle.

The data extraction took place during the 2012 election and reportedly pulled information from every Facebook user nation-wide to be used for political gain. Carol says she is a Democrat and she should feel good about the advantage Democrats have but knows that the public needs to be made aware.

Davidsen admits that Facebook knew what they were using the data for and let them complete their data-extraction. Once Democrats got what they came for, Facebook cut the ‘feature’ off- telling Obama’s team ‘we are only doing this for you because we are on your side”.

As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

Cass Sunstein, a former White House adviser in the Obama administration (and husband of Samantha Power), is warning Democrats “not to overreact” to the news about Cambridge Analytica’s supposed spying on Americans via Facebook and Facebook’s effort to clamp down on usage of the data from the people who buy it from them.  In a column in Bloomberg, Sunstein writes:

The horrendous actions by Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling company, and Aleksander Kogan, a Russian-American researcher, raise serious questions about privacy, social media, democracy and fraud.

Amidst the justified furor, one temptation should be firmly resisted: for public and private institutions to lock their data down, blocking researchers and developers from providing the many benefits that it promises – for health, safety, and democracy itself.

He adds:

But let’s not overreact.  Authorized use of that data can do a great deal of good.

He cites other apps that spy on Americans that can improve health care and income inequality, as well as observe congressional behavior as arguments to not shut all of the data-mining down. These are red flags all by themselves, since we all know how Democrats use health care data and what their solutions are to income inequality. But never mind…

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