Evergreen College Video Gives You Front Row Seat to Liberal Insanity

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this is getting out of hand. How else can someone describe this video besides calling it far-left, alt-left even, liberal bull fascism? Delusional!

They’re not even letting progressive liberals speak anymore if they disagree with them and lord help if they’re white!

In a way, you can enjoy this video as they’re just tripping all over themselves. Really, it just makes them look bad and it’s good for a cheap laugh. But then, there’s a darker side to it.

What are these 3rd way, first world, liberal a$$ snowflake weirdo hippie mongrels going to do once they’re done with school and in the real world? Seriously? They are NOT going to be productive members of society, there’s no way.

Vice’s video, however, is really interesting, and a great watch. But watching the snowflakes freak out, that’s just as worthy of your time.

Like I said before, or rather paraphrasing… they’re CRAZY, man! This is insane even for them. Watch and tell us what you think.


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