Chaos Ensues During Flag Burning At RNC

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Clashes erupted among protesters and police when a dozen activists attempted to burn a US flag in front of the venue hosting the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Wednesday.

During the melee a man tried lighting the American flag on fire. Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it out with an extinguishing spray that some in the crowd thought was pepper spray because of similarities in the design of the canisters and the eye irritation caused by the fire-suppression substance.

17 people were arrested Wednesday, the chaos stopped several delegates and the media from reaching their destination for the night’s proceedings. When an officer noticed the fire he yelled something pretty appropriate… “You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” the scene only got more chaotic after that. Watch below to see…

So whats the best way for a communist to get attention at the Republican National Convention (probably the most patriotic event in the country)? You guessed it, burn a flag. Nothing is more un-American than burning the flag, so if you’re dumb enough to do it, you should expect the appropriate response from people that respect this great nation.

Hats off to these officers for their appropriate use of force.


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