CNN Gets Owned By Michael Caputo

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Michael Caputo who has worked for the likes of Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and even President Donald Trump revealed today, while appearing on “New Day” with Alisyn Camerota, that former Democrat President Bill Clinton actually sent him to Russia in 1994 to meddle in, and influence, their election.

“Is it now your impression that Vladimir Putin was looking to somehow compromise, co-opt or play the Trump campaign?” Camerota asked.

“I think the Russian government looks to get involved in elections for every single one of the countries in United Nations Security Council, at least, and probably many many more,” Caputo replied. “Our country does the same — it’s important to note that in 1994, my government — the Clinton administration, sent me to Russia to get involved in their elections,” he explained.

Alisyn Camerota did not look too pleased hearing this…


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