GA Senator Claims He Was Offered “Key Position” To Drop Out Of Governor Race

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It’s like something out of a T.V. show, isn’t it? Sen. Michael Williams, two-term Republican Georgia Senator as well as former chairman of the Trump Presidential Campaign in Georgia, is standing behind hit claim that he was offered a key party position in the Georgia Senate in exchange for his dropping out of the race for Governor, and throwing his support behind another candidate.

The alleged “arm twisting” has only made him want to stay in the race even more.

Williams went “off-script” at the Georgia Republican Convention this past weekend when, barely into his planned speech, he made the claim.

“Not 25 minutes ago in that backroom, I was offered the appropriations chairmanship for the Senate if I did not run,” Williams announced to the room. According to him, getting the position was contingent on him throwing his support to another candidate.

“A Gentleman walks up to me, chit-chatting, asking, ‘You sure you want to do this,’” Williams claimed. “‘We really like having you in the Senate. How about the appropriations chair?’”

“I am not running for power, or privilege or prestige,” he told a reporter. “I am running because I am sick and tired of career politicians who do not care about us.


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