British Prime Minister Says “Enough is Enough!”

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Theresa May, Prime minister, has officially stated “far too much tolerance of extremism” exists in the UK and suggests increased jail terms for terrorist offences, also adding “enough is enough”.

The Prime Minister laid out plans to crack down on extremism after a meeting with the Cobra committee following the latest London Bridge attack in which seven people were killed by three attackers. She also suggests the idea of increased prison terms for terrorism offences, no matter how small.

Look, I get that you mean well but that’s not enough. In a matter of WEEKS you’ve had three pretty major attacks in England. ONE of which was, for sure, a SUICIDE bomber. Do you think suicide bombers really care about jail time? Come on…

She even placed some of the blame on internet companies, saying that they must not allow extremism to exist. But added that there was also a need to tackle “safe spaces in the real world”, which would require “difficult” conversations.

Space spaces? “extremism”… CALL IT WHAT IT IS!


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