Strangers Flip Car To Rescue Driver After Roll Over Accident On Interstate

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LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC — A group of strangers worked together to save a man who was injured in a rollover crash in Lexington County, South Carolina.

Bert Sorin posted video of the rescue on his Facebook page Tuesday where he explained he was just on the way to a meeting when he saw the red convertible veer off the interstate and flip.

Sorin said he immediately pulled over and attempted to flip the car back over, but he couldn’t do it with the number of people at the time.

“The car was leaking gas, so we knew we needed to get him out quickly,” Sorin wrote.

By the time Sorin ran out and got some more supplies, more people had gathered around the crash site.

They pulled together and flipped the entire car upside and came to the driver’s side.

EMTs later arrived and tended to the victim.

Sorin described the experience as “fine American citizens (who) were looking out for this fella.”

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