GOP Rep’s EPIC Slam on Democrats “Moral Victory” in GA

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WHAT MORAL VICTORY!? They LOST! There is no moral victory here. All this proves is that, just like the Trump election, pushing your bull’ish celebrity list on THE PEOPLE will not get you anywhere with the folks that really matter… the voters.

Just keep twisting and turning, anything to make yourselves feel better, right, Liberals? Can you not accept a defeat as just that? The tides are turning…

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter slammed Democrats Wednesday for claiming a moral victory in the state’s special election, saying bluntly that “moral victories don’t get to vote in Congress.”

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Carter if Republicans should be worried about the close victory margins in places like South Carolina and Georgia.

“Democrats are saying this is a moral victory for them,” she suggested…..


GOP Rep: ‘Moral Victories’ Don’t Get To Vote In Congress [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller



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