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The Dumbest Things Said In 2018 So Far

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We all know how out of touch the Left can be with the rest of us but sometimes one of them says something that just stands above the rest.

Here Watters’ layout SEVERAL along with his always entertaining commentary.

Of those, one of my favorites is for sure the Tucker Carlson segment. In it, it went a little something like this:

“You’re lecturing us about sexism while you’re sitting right now in MAN-hattan,” he joked. His guest took the banter, but clearly sided with the idea what words should be changed or banished based on their maleness.

“They are saying that society has changed, and times are changing, and we don’t want to be offensive in our language,” Areu, a writer and magazine publisher, declared. “They’re trying to be non-sexist and non-biased, and that means trying to take the word ‘man’ out… so instead of man-made, it would be ‘synthetic.’”

“They’re saying that the word man is associated with adults – men – as opposed to just humanity or humans. So, they’re trying to avoid the word man – so, if we could eliminate that word, then things would be much better and people would be less offended,” Areu tried to explain.

“What if you lived in Manchester, Vermont?” he asked.

“Well they might have to change the name of the city if people agree with Purdue University. And Purdue found that things need to be updated and they updated their writing guide to take out these words that are apparently offending certain groups of people,” Areu explained.

“Just to make sure I understand the rule, if something offends somebody even if you’re never met that person personally then you have to change it. So then doesn’t that mean that a small group of super unhappy people get to control what the rest of us say and think?” Carlson asked.

It just sort of goes on from there but you get the point.

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