Russian Troll Living In US Has Gone Into Hiding

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Agata Burdonova has been outed by a Russian news network as a former employee of a “Russian troll factory” and has gone into hiding. She’s also attempting to erase links to her past on the internet.

The former “troll” currently lives in Seattle, WA.

The network, RAIN-TV, confirmed Burdonova position through former employees of the Internet Research Agency, the “troll factory” and subjects of the Russian interference investigation of the 2016 presidential election.

Burdonova seemingly posted everything about her life on the internet, with her Linkedin account showing her working at Mix Info from 2014-2015, Mix Info is a company that has also been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller — as it turns out they may have been a simple front for the “Internet Research Angency”.

As reported by NPR:

Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller prefers to let his work do the talking for him. On Friday, he delivered a stemwinder.

Thirteen Russians and three Russian entities were indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the attack on the 2016 election. The indictment lays out a number of detailed allegations against the Internet Research Agency located in St. Petersburg and against individuals who owned, controlled, funded or worked for the organization.

Much of what Mueller’s office charges — that influence-mongers used Facebook and Twitter to turn up the volume and pit American against American — was already public. But the 37-page indictment also includes a number of fascinating new insights.

At least three Russian operatives physically traveled to the United States to do reconnaissance for their active measures campaign, according to the indictment.

They traveled throughout the West, South and Midwest, to New York and elsewhere. That led to the tracking and study of American political organizations that later matured into the sophisticated targeting of certain groups during the 2016 election cycle. For example, black voters later were encouraged not to vote for Hillary Clinton by messages suggesting they not vote at all or that they vote for a third-party candidate. Anti-Muslim groups were encouraged to stage rallies and so on.

Russian operatives also bought space on computer servers within the United States. That enabled them to connect from their headquarters in St. Petersburg and, using a virtual private network, post on Facebook and Twitter while appearing to be inside the United States.

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