NY Times Editor Admits This Truth About the Left

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Dean Baquet is a Pulitzer award-winning New York Times executive editor and spoke at the Code Conference on Tuesday. He admits during this interview that the “progressive” left in this county has zero interest in civil discourse, that they’re intolerant of speech they don’t agree with.

During this interview he “accidentally” slips and refers it them as “we”, as being part of the left but is quick to correct himself and the audience and remind everyone that he’s a “journalist”.

“I think the Left should do some soul-searching too, right,” Baquet recommended. “We don’t want to hear anything that — we’ve long said this about the Right — but I think the Left, we don’t — I’m not ‘we,’ I’m a journalist — but the Left, as a rule, does not want to hear thoughtful disagreement.”

So there you have it. Two other big “truth bombs” one quite a long sentence. a) He inadvertently admits he’s a lefty, and b) he admits that it’s the Left who are the closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s views.


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