CNN’s Cuomo And Conway Throw Down Over Comey Firing

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Of course someone was going to try and take a shot at Conway over the Comey firing. As closely tied as she is to the Trump Admin… And Chris Cuomo, of CNN, practically “interrogated” her. Continually interrupted her, and basically lost his MIND over it.

Cuomo wasn’t happy, didn’t believe her, and dismissed it as a “talking point”:

CUOMO: Wait, wait. Say that again. What happened yesterday?

CONWAY: You’ve got Democrats saying that they don’t see any evidence of Russia collusion.

CUOMO: Kellyannye, look, I get the talking point on this, but let’s being very clear.

CONWAY: No, excuse me. It’s not a talking point. It’s a seven month distraction. It’s not a talking point.

CUOMO: Everybody — everybody who knows — that’s what you want it to be. I get that.

Conway shot back that Cuomo’s hoping the Russia collusion is “real” and the brother of New York’s far-left governor asserted that “what I want is the truth” and “[t]hat’s all we should all want here.”

“And the idea that you should know the fruit of the investigation these many months this is naive and deceptive. People who have been around these investigations will tell you they take time. On the Senate and House side say they take time. You’ve been misrepresenting the White House,” he added.


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