A Man With SIX WIVES Has Made An Announcement That Is Totally Baffling….

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A Brazilian man with six wives has stirred controversy with his plans to impregnate all of them at the same time through surrogacy, ensuring that none feel left out in their unconventional marriage.

The 37-year-old husband from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Arthur O. Urso, aims to impregnate all six of his wives simultaneously through surrogacy. He wants to ensure that none of them feel left out or as if they aren’t receiving special attention in their unusual marital arrangement.

Arthur has always enjoyed being in the spotlight. At his height of popularity, he boasted 198,000 followers on social media and had as many as nine wives. However, after three divorces, he is currently married to six women: Luana Kazaki, 27; Emelly Souza, 21; Valquíria Santos, 24; Olinda Maria, 51; Damiana, 23; and Amanda Albuquerque, 28, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Eager to expand his already large family, Arthur hopes to provide each of his current six wives with a child through surrogacy. He believes that this method will ensure that every partner feels equally appreciated and that none become “upset” for being overlooked.

Arthur stated, “I don’t want to make any of my six wives upset by choosing which one gets pregnant first, so we’ve opted for surrogacy.”

Arthur is no stranger to parenthood, as he already has a ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. However, this new venture—having all six wives become pregnant via surrogates at the same time—is an entirely new experience for him. He shared, “I’ve never been through anything like this, so it’s the first time. We’re very anxious but excited to make this dream of having a baby come true.”

Hoping for a son as his first child from this unique union, Arthur intends to have a child with each of his six wives, starting with Luana. The other wives, Emelly, Amanda, Olinda, Damiana, and Valquíria, initially had reservations about the plan. Nevertheless, Arthur managed to persuade them to participate in his vision of growing a large family together through surrogacy.

Arthur explained, “In the beginning, it was a very delicate subject, especially as I want a child with each of [them]. But that will be later on – at the moment, the best decision is surrogacy. [Currently], we are looking for someone who can be our surrogate, and we want someone who gives us confidence. As we are still in demand, we haven’t spent anything so far.

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