This Hispanic Girl Walked Into A “Woke Fest” And Dropped A Major Truth Bomb...

Berkeley is one of the most woke and progressive black holes of “education” in this country. If you want your kid to pay 100k for an “ancient lampoon weaving” degree and become a Social Justice Karen, this is where you want to send them. And up until now, I never thought there was a shred of hope for that university. They were too far gone and too “woke” to rescue. Best to just turn off the solar lights and walk away.

Suddenly, something changed. There’s now a small glimmer of hope that Berkeley might not be forever lost to the black hole of progressive hell, and it’s all thanks to a very “red-pilled” Hispanic girl who spoke her mind during a symposium discussing social justice at Berkeley.

The discussion on social justice centered around this woman’s future teaching career and STEM.

What is “STEM,” you might be asking:

And what she says is powerful is why Hispanics are leaving the Dem Party in droves and voting Republican.

You can watch the video below:

The responses to this video are what you’d expect from the left. These white progressives are threatened by any minority who doesn’t claim “victim status.” White liberals need minorities to be victims, so they have something to advocate for and look “caring” and “concerned” about.

Suppose minorities are strong and tell white liberals that they don’t need their help. In that case, that becomes a real problem because now, those “empowered minorities” are impacting the white liberal’s ability to push their agenda, so of course, they attack the person, instead of saying, “Wow, job well done, this Hispanic woman feels so strong, good for her.”

This is how you know that everything the left does when it comes to minorities is actually pushing their white elitist agenda centered around “climate change,” which, again, only benefits and pleases the wealthy.

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines. This term is typically used to address an education policy or curriculum choices in schools.

In the video, this young Hispanic girl is talking about how social justice activism was seeping in even in her STEM studies, and she wanted no part of it at all.

I like that people around here seem to agree with what she’s saying.

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