This Man Has A Disgusting Reaction To The New Coronavirus Guidelines

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When you think of Canada you might picture ice hockey, maple syrup, and especially nice people. During these hard times, the pandemic has brought out the best in people. Except for one Canadian. This time it brought out the worst.

This coronavirus fueled temper tantrum comes to you courtesy of one very angry Canadian who stormed out of a bank and licked to door on his way out.

Not only was this a disgusting act, but also potentially criminal. The incident happened in British Columbia where this particular frazzled customer was thrown into a rage about the TD Canada Trust branch adjusting its business hours to accommodate senior citizens in its community.

Because of the hours put in place, this man was turned away unsatisfied and as he left he let loose a string of obscenities and left but not before stopping at the door and slathering his tongue all over the glass door and handle. This man obviously has no concerns about spreading the virus.

This is just one out of many of the insane behaviors we’ve seen from people resorting to their bodily fluids as a weapon of choice. A similar scene played out in a Walmart in California just last week where a woman coughed and spit in the face of employees because she thought she had been overcharged.

The man in Canada made such a huge scene that witnesses reported him to local authorities and even provided his license plate. The police report that they have identified the suspect and are working with prosecutors to determine if what he did qualifies as a crime. If it does, he will be arrested and charged.

The old saying goes “say it don’t spray it.” We’re all in this together, be nice to each other.

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