Surprising New Poll Show How Americans Really Feel About Outdoor Mask Wearing

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Maybe it’s a case of not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, or perhaps it’s just another example of Americans being wary of what their own government is telling them, but a new poll regarding the end of the coronavirus pandemic has many around the nation scratching their heads.

Last week, the CDC told the nation that vaccinated people would no longer be required to wear masks in many public situations, both indoor and outdoor. And while this sounds like ostensibly good news, the level of distrust that Americans maintain for their own government has added a tinge of strangeness to the news.

A significant portion of the public still believes in wearing a mask outside regardless of guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to a recent survey.

The survey indicates that forty-two percent of respondents believe everyone in their area should continue to wear a mask regardless of the CDC guidelines.

Of the respondents, 39 percent said everyone should follow the CDC guidelines that state masks are only necessary outdoors when in crowds compared to only 19 percent of respondents who actually believe “everyone should do [what] they want regardless of guidelines.”

Of those who believe in continuing to wear masks, broken down by party, the results were almost even; 36 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of Democrats want everyone around them to wear masks.

In response to the CDC’s adjusted guidelines, retailers such as Target, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart have all lifted their self-imposed mask mandates, but smaller restaurants and assorted gathering spots around the nation are continuing to ask patrons to don facial coverings until some new arbitrary metric emerges.

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