Pelosi Is Raging At Anyone In Her Path Because She Can’t Handle The Truth

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The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi practically had smoke coming from her ears during an interview on CNN when Christiane Amanpour mentioned President Trump’s acquittal and that his poll numbers were up.

Amanpour said, “What about, though, the fact that the president seems liberated, and this is about democratic politics so I’m not asking you to criticize here, but he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high …”

Nancy could not contain her anger and flew into a speech ripping rage.

“He was not … there was no …” Pelosi interrupted. “You can’t have an acquittal unless you have a trial, and you can’t have a trial unless you have witnesses and documents. So he can say he’s acquitted, and the headlines can say ‘acquitted,’ but he’s impeached forever, branded with that, and not vindicated.”

She continues, “And even the senators were saying, ‘yes, it wasn’t right,’ but they didn’t have the courage to act upon that.”

It’s clear that President Trump is under her skin, the look in her eyes when told the President’s poll numbers were up and that he’s been acquitted was hilarious.

Nancy can keep living in her own world but no one is listening to her anymore. Even House manager Rep. Jerry Nadler recently admitted that the Democrats knew from the beginning that Trump would not be removed from office.

Nadler said, “We always knew he was going to be acquitted by the Senate because we always knew that if the Republicans didn’t care about the evidence or anything else, they proved it by not being willing to see the witnesses, we knew that in advance. There were some people who said we shouldn’t impeach the president because of his given approval and expected acquittal by the Senate, no matter what the facts, that would help him politically.”

You can watch the Speaker of the House below: 

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