New York City’s Mayor Is Trying To Outlaw People Eating Meat….

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It looks like New York City’s vegan mayor, Eric Adams, wants to tell people what they can and can’t eat in order to fight climate change. You guessed it—he’s got it in for meat.

Mayor Adams has set a goal to slash food-based gas emissions by a whopping 33% in just seven years. He claims that food is the third-largest source of city emissions, and the real culprits are meat and dairy products.

CBS New York reported that 20% of NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food production and consumption. So now, Mayor Adams is pledging to cut the city’s food-based emissions in agencies by 33% within seven years and challenges the private sector to do the same.

Last year, New York City school kids had to endure “Meatless Mondays” and then were forced into “Vegan Fridays.” Adams imposed his vegan lifestyle of veggies, faux meat, and bean slop onto these young folks.

No one expects school lunches to be gourmet, but check out this tweet showing black beans, tomato, and corn as the NYC schools’ first #VeganFriday option:

Unsurprisingly, the kids ended up tossing the vegan tacos in the trash:

Adams has made it clear he wants every New Yorker to join his vegan crusade. “I’ve got to get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered life,” he said last February.

Now, let’s not forget that a vegan diet is lacking in several essential nutrients, including iron, omega-3 fatty acids, B12, and zinc. But Mayor Adams doesn’t seem to care about that. He’s determined to make all New Yorkers adopt his nutrient-deficient diet, even if he has to force them.

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