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Has something changed or has social media just made hearing about these deaths more accessible? WHY is it anytime I log in just about anywhere it’s a story about someone who has killed a baby?! WTH! While not forgetting about murderous abortion, why are there toddlers and newborns found dead so often? Again, has something changed? something in the water? or is it the internet bringing more of these to light?

Accidents, drunk drivers, straight up murders, the list could go on. It’s not exactly that I’m sick of seeing news about it. It’s tragic and I personally believe bringing these things out in the open has the potential to make folks more aware and more careful but it now seems like a near-daily occurrence. Do we need more health screenings? Maybe mental health examines? What’s the solution here, folks?

In this video, here are just a few of the tragic killings that have happened over the last few years (and some older). They range from greed to mental health issues. At least here justice is being served.

This video contains some graphic detail and may be NSFW.

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