Rebecca Sharrock Can Remember EVERY Detail Of Her Life

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Do you wish you could remember every single detail of your life? Even the most mundane, most hurtful, and most joyous? It’s a rare gift that very few people in the world have, and Rebecca Sharrock is one of them. It’s called Highly Superior Autobiographical Member, or HSAM, and it’s a condition that stops people with it from forgetting ANYTHING.

It’s believed that around 80 people worldwide have this (actually have it) and as a result, people like Rebecca are able to recall every part of their life in amazingly and sometimes eerie detail.

“My parents carried me to the driver’s seat of the car (my father’s idea) and placed me down upon it for a photo,” she wrote in a recent blog post. “As a newborn child I was curious as to what the seat cover and steering wheel above me were. Though at that age I hadn’t yet developed the ability to want to get up and explore what such curious objects could be.” As if this isn’t impressive enough, she can even recite the entire collection of Harry Potter books! She’s also currently writing her own book about her experiences, called My Life is a Puzzle, and it sounds as if the contents are going to be very memorable indeed.

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