Members of Congress Want Former Obama Appointee as FBI Director?

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Sen. Mike Lee is pushing for Merrick Garland to be James Comey’s replacement as FBI Director. Garland was Obama’s pick to be appointed to the Sepreme Court. Republicans in Congress locked it down. It has been speculated, however, that moving him to that position would allow POTUS Trump to appoint another Republican to the SCOTUS… What do you think?

“One name that I think the White House really ought to consider is Merrick Garland. I think this would be an exciting pick.”

“Look, it looks like a good list. I agree that it needs to be someone who has a lot of credibility in law enforcement. It’s one of the reasons why I suggested Merrick Garland the other day. Merrick Garland, in addition to people who are on that list, are all good candidates. And I think the president ought to look for someone who can bring to the job a whole lot of credibility.”

He went on to state that he believes people from “both sides” would support.

“Every indication I received so far is they are considering it. I really don’t know how far they are in the process or who they will end up choosing. Judge Garland certainly isn’t the only one who they could look at. He certainly isn’t the only person who could be a good choice in this circumstance.”


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